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What type of Vixen are you?

What kind of cycling gets your pulse racing? Do you thrive on tarmac or would you rather be at one with nature on mountain bike trails? Is your bike part of everyday life around town, or do you prefer plotting longer cycling adventures further afield?

Or maybe – like us - you love them all, just provided you’re on two wheels!

The Story Behind VeloVixen

The Story Behind VeloVixen

When we set off on a bike ride in 2010, barely 6 months after we had met, little did we know where it would take us. In any sense.

We spent a year riding over 10,000km through the Americas, an adventure that would change our lives forever.

At the end, in Argentina, we got engaged. In 2012, we launched VeloVixen - inspired equally by our reaffirmed love of cycling and by the problems Liz encountered finding great clothing for our trip. Today, our two cycling-mad young daughters are living testament of the power of cycling!

This is our team outside our Oxfordshire HQ (spoiler: Liz doesn't really live in a basket).

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